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We have researched some detail on back tracing of family roots.

bulletHatch family has origins in Australia and the United Kingdom. 

Hatch and Weston Family Ancestry:

bulletWilliam Ernest HATCH (26/Nov/1905, Subiaco, WESTERN AUSTRALIA)
bulletand Winifred WESTON (3/Jun/1906, Deptford, London, UK),





William Hatch was born in Subiaco, Western Australia, his parents (Hatch and Negus) were from the Eastern States (NSW and VICTORIA), his grandparents were from England.







Winifred Weston came to Fremantle on a passenger ship as an immigrant with her sisters as a child; her family was originally from the East of London in Deptford in the Greenwich area. They departed, (5 sisters and their mother), on the steamship Armadale, from Tilbury Docks, on 28 October 1913, to arrive in Fremantle on 12 December 1913 to reunite with Grandad John William Weston, who had arrived 19 months previously.



To visit Deptford (7 Amersham Vale) you need to reach the New Cross Railway Station, the house location is now on re-used land and is out of the exit of the station about 150m down to the left from the Amersham Vale (street) exit, this is just next to the Mulberry Centre on a site next to a railway pedestrian underpass.  This station may be reached by tube (southern end of East London line), or more easily by taking a National Rail (South-Eastern line from Charing Cross or London bridge). 


The family had a dairy in 178 Grove Street (off the Major access Road Evelyn St), the older girls went to school in Clyde Street (the Lord Clyde Hotel has been conserved within a renewed high-rise Council Housing community area). They established the family home in Amersham Vale right next to the railway line,

where frequent trains accessing the South East coast would have been part of their daily life.  Around the corner was a close family of Jewish origin the Barnetts, who lived in 38 Amersham Grove.  From this mix of backgrounds this route went east and thence to Europe by channel ferry, passing Western London and the commercial docklands. Undoubtedly sparking their own spirit of adventure to travel further afield to the expanding life of pioneers in the colonies. 




Ancestry Tree for Winifred Weston.





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