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This page is dedicated to specific information relating to the Hatch Family (47 cousins).


The information on this site is for reference on the accuracy is on a best information available basis. It is not to be used for any official purposes and is provided for personal use only. 

It is not for re-distribution or sharing with non-family members,

protection of the privacy of individuals is paramount.


The views expressed do not in any way constitute an official position of any of the persons mentioned or referred to in the information provided.



This section covers two aspects regarding the Hatch Family History.


bulletBirths, Deaths, Events and Marriages page.
bulletFamily Group Photo Gallery.
bulletSample Family Ancestry.


Under development: Information on page is as known at October 2006.


Sources of information:

  1. Family History by J. A. Sutherland (Nov 2005).
  2. Mac DB courtesy of M. Stuart (Apr 2006).



B,D and M




- West Zanier born in Joondalup, WA to Brody and Sky 28/Jan

- Emily expecting for April 2011

- Karen expecting July 2011





- Diana Metcalf to marry (2011)





- late Bob Pritchard (2006)




News, network and connections



Family Photos and events

- Mark and Mabel project assignment in Japan (2010 and 2011)

- Andrew and Michael travel to Caribbean to pick up a new yacht (Feb 2011)

- Number of Great Grandchildren of Winifred Hatch is at 96




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