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Some verbal tradition and history surrounding the back tracing of family roots and eventual establishment in Australia. 

bulletThe Hayles family has origins in Australia and the United Kingdom. 

Hayles and Omond Family Ancestry:

bulletHarold Benjamin HAYLES (17/Jun/1884, Broadstairs, UK)
bulletand Vera OMOND (11/Sep/1902, Albany, WESTERN AUSTRALIA),


 Harold Benjamin (Bill) was born in Broadstairs, south-east England and traveled out to Western Australia in his youth.  He was the only male with successors.  He went to a boarding school in Westcliffe on Sea, Essex, his father Edwin was a draper.  His family originated from Carisbrooke in the centre of the Isle of Wight. (Apparently there a number of tombstones in remembrance of the Hayles family in the churchyard cemetery there).


To reach Broadstairs, you take a National Rail, South-eastern Train, from Victoria Station, (you can also sometimes pick up a train from Blackfriars), destination Ramsgate (journey time is approximately 1 hour 30min). Alight in Broadstairs which is a very pleasant English sea-side holiday town, with a walk of about 20 min downhill to the beach front.  Here Charles Dickens came as a regular visitor and found the location and its surrounding a fine source of inspiration.  It is located in the Isle of Thanet, a very pretty peninsular in the garden county of Kent. 





Albion street is now a fashionable thorough-fare parallel to the beachfront, and with the coast and the many travellers and pilgrims in the nearby Canterbury and access on to the European Continent, this was undoubtedly an inspiration to young Harold to go out and explore the antipodean world.






After school he came to Australia around 1901, (at approximately 17 years old), having paid 17/- steerage. Harold got employment in the Crown Law Department, eventually becoming the Under-Secretary of Law (this was the highest non political appointment in this department). During WWI, he enlisted and fought in the trenches in France (1914-1918).





Harold's brother Harry was the only male sibling, he emigrated first to west Africa (probably to Sierra Leone/Ghana), then later moved to Shepparton, VIC, where he owned an orchard. Harry stayed with Kathleen Hopkins who then lived in Parkdale in Melbourne.  He eventually retired and died in Aireys Inlet, VIC.   




    Vera Omond was born in Albany, her immediate ancestors having settled in Port Adelaide, South Australia.  They had emigrated from the North of Scotland in the Orkney Islands (Deerness), during the time of the 'potato famine' in the islands around 1846-1849.




The name Omond, is also found as 'Oman, Omand and Omound.'  It is apparently of Norse, Scandanavian or Viking origin.  One possible derivation is Aumuni's son, the surname Oman is also found in Sweden. 



On arrival in Australia (approximately 150 years and 3 generations ago), three lines have been traced; the Tasmanian, the South Australian and the Albany Omonds. 




 Ancestry tree for Geoffrey Hayles.






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