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Overview of travels


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1) Lankawi, MALAYSIA (depart 28/Feb/2006)

Starting out and upgrading the seaworthiness of the boat and exploring the 'yachtie' lifestyle in 'Malaysia.


2) Kumai, KALIMANTAN [BORNEO] (1 thru 7/April/2006)

Visiting the homeland of the Orang-Utang


3) Banjarmasin, KALIMANTAN (11 thru 14/Apr/2006)

The Indonesian version of Venice, with houses on stilts, fresh water and vendors on boats.


4) Ujung Pandang, SULAWESI (17 thru 29/Apr/2006)

In this modernized part of Indonesia, they visited Fort Rotterdam and the local museum.


5) Ambon, MALAKU ISLANDS (9 thur 16/May/2006)

Stocking up with meat and vegetables for the next stage of the voyage.


6) Manus, ADMIRALTY ISLANDS (4 thru 14/Jun/2006)

In this beautiful spot the boat is hit by a freak lightning strike and the electronics knocked out.


7) Mioko Harbour, DUKE OF YORK ISLANDS (19 thru 24/Jun/2006)

Beautiful sheltered tropical anchorage, where they visited the local chief to pay their respects.


8) Bramble Haven, LOUISADE ISLANDS (29/Jun thru 9/Jul/2006)

After some rough sailing they arrived at a deserted island, where they could fish, look for coconuts and pumpkin leaves and explore, while waiting for a favorable wind.


9) Cairns, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA (arr. 11/Jun/2006)

Undertake major repair program to boat, especially on electrics.





This is a the story of the journey for Mark's Sister and Family during 2005 and 2006.


Background Information


Journey into the unknown (family voyage in a yacht):


Andrew and Rachel Herwig and children [Jade (18), Andrea (17), Michael (15) and Naomi (6)] set out in January 2005, from Perth, Western Australia for a journey into the unknown to see where they could go. 


This page is shows the big picture, later they will pass on more details as events unfold.


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