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This is more detail on the personal history for Mark and Mabel and children, how they went where they did and the purpose in their adventures (some times discovered in retrospect).


Also serves as a general catch-all, e.g. Document Sources for Family Tree History and General world map (big picture) on geographical locations.





The latest step was the return from Qatar, this was un-planned and happened due to a mis-interpretation. Mark and Mabel felt strongly about the plight of the people in Israel due to the after-math of the attacks on civilians and effect on surviving victims of the violence and their immediate families.  However the action of donation of money to a humanitarian organization supporting these people in Israel (Israelis - of Jewish, Christian and Muslim religion), was interpreted as seditious by the local authorities, in the light of the current international political climate.  We left within one month.  This meant packing and shipping by container all the household items then flying back to Australia, in a very short time frame.


We are pleased and thankful that "the God of Israel, under whose wings we have come to take refuge, has richly rewarded us."  The children completed high-school, and became involved in active community youth church. Mabel studied then worked in HR and Mark had a series of excellent contracts in large multi-national EPC Projects. 


The years of 2006 - 2010 have been time to re-consolidate as a family and group, having taken the spring-board for the future, with the Australian natural resource boom preparing for the 2nd decade of 2010-2020..





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