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We have researched some detail on back tracing of family roots

bullet Sidoruk family has origins in Argentina and the Ukraine.

Sidoruk Family Ancestry:

bulletCirilo SIDORUK (nr. L'viv, UKRAINE),
bulletand Catalina HALCHYN (RUSSIA),






Cirilo Sidoruk was from the town of Kvasov (KVASIV) nr L'viv in the East of Poland in modern day Ukraine, from the Lvivska Oblast.



This location was provided by the sister of Miguel, Alejandrina, who was able to visit her birth-place in the 1985.  It is apparently a small sized village in a poor though, fertile and pretty part of the Ukraine. The family emmigrated just prior the the start of the Second Great War in 1937 (when Miguel was 16 years old).





In the Cyrilic alphabet this is spelt, Keacie and is located to the west side about halfway along the road from Radechiv to Horichiv (north-east of L'viv).




La ubicación es entre Radchiv and Horochiv saliendo al noreste de la ruta principal.



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