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Some detail on back tracing of family roots

bulletVera family has origins in Argentina and the France.

Vera Family Ancestry:

bulletPascual VERA (13/Aug/1937, nr. Tandil, ARGENTINA),
bulletand Evangelista LATUR,



Pasual Vera was from Central Argentina (province of Buenos Aires and about 200km from the Capital), in the fertile pampas plains with French and Native Indian ancestry.



The place of origin is called Salto de Piedra (Rocky waterfall). The place where the family home was established was the nearby locality of Claraz, (about 34 km south of Tandil in the direction of Necochea).



Eva was born in the local town of Juan N. Fernandez and first worked on a large landowner's estancia in Napaleofu, which is of indigenous origin, (Mapuche), meaning 'napa' (muddy), and 'leofu' (river). 








This town of Tandil which was the nearest large district centre for the farming community became the family hub for many years, this where the children worked and grew up and made their lives.  It is a very rich agricultural area with many special meat and dairy products, the 'quesos' (cheeses) and 'fiambres' (special salamis) from Tandil are famous.



Due to family circumstances the girls did not complete high-school but rather commenced domestic help work in the nearby town of Tandil.  Olga still is located there and has rooms for rent. Her sister Irma has established the family in the nearby costal town of Mar del Plata, which is where many other family members have settled and made their lives. Mar del Plata (Silvery Sea) is a popular beach and summer residence for the wealthy of Buenos Aires with some notable chalets, apartments and hotels with all their support infrastructure; it is modelled a little like Brighton from the UK.  Around this is a town with its own specialist industries such as knitted woollen products and garments.





On Marriage Eva, (fourth daughter of Pascual) moved to Buenos Aires and later to Salta in the north of the country.



Mabel's dad worked on projects in the north of the country such as the highway bridge near Pichanal.  The children were brought up in the city

of Salta where they lived with their Mum.










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