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Current World Events


We have identified some key pointers to what is happening in our world today,


Watching these pointers we can see how we are in the period approaching the 'end of our times'

this is referred to by Yeshua the Messiah of the Nation of Israel;

"see to it that you don't become frightened... all these things are but the beginning of the birth-pains"

MATT 24:6b, 7-8, LUKE 21:10-11.


These provide a 'thermometer' 'with some key examples from each group

and we can see how this is affecting the culmination of world events


      STRATEGIC TRENDS TODAY (CM c. 2000, 2009)


1)     The Struggle for Jerusalem (Middle East Peace) ZECH 12; MATT 24

2)     The Magog Invasion (Russia and northern principalities) EZE 38; 39

3)     The Rise of Islam (Arabia, Western and Eastern sectors) EZE 25 - 32

4)     The American Challenge (USA future, Christian World Power Decline) 2 CHRON 7:14

5)     The Rise of Asia (as a region and China as a global super power) ISA 49; REV 18

6)     The Rise of European Super state (EU and Euro power base) DAN 2; 7 and 9

7)     Weapons Technology and Cyber Warfare (Wars and rumors of wars) MATT 24:22

8)     Biotech and Global Pestilence (incl. earthquakes and volcanoes) REV 6:8

9)     Ecumenical Religion (organized religion Christian and Other) REV 13b; 17 and 18

10) Global Governance (Methods of World domination and globalisation) REV 13a




 - Holy Bible, Original, c. 130BC [OT] and 100AD [NT], esp. DAN, ZECH and REV.

 - Teaching from Chuck Missler and Koinonia Institute


Current Events (look at event and associated causal factor in Israel, or Area affected):

(he who touches you touches the 'apple of my eye')

- Volcano Iceland c. Jun 2010 (Air Traffic for all of Europe); Volcano Indonesia Sep 2010 [8]

- Earthquake Haiti Feb 2010 (Voodoo); Chile May 2010; New Zealand Sep 2010 [8]

- Oil Rig Disaster Gulf of Mexico c. Apr 2010 (US snubs Netanyahu) [4],

- Rig Fire in Gulf Sep 2010 (Peace Talk Initiative and Fundamentalist resistance) [1], [4]

- Social and ethnic upheaval in Europe - re pension age, 2010 (France and UK) [8 -> 6 & 10]

- Muslim resistance and Anti-Semitism in Europe - Paris, Amsterdam etc 2010 [3]

- China becoming world power - on increase following 2009 World Olympics in Beijing [5]

- Axis of evil and supporters - Iran, N. Korea, Turkey, Russian 2010 [2]

- Flotilla incident Gaza vs. BP Oil (big effect on the UK economy) Aug 2010 [1]

- Earthquake and Volcano in Indonesia Oct 2010 [8]

- US and European sub-prime great crash of 2009 including Euro Crisis of 2010 [4 & 6]

- continuing rise of Islam in Assyria and western Europe creating backdrop for Man of Perdition [3]

- south Korean/north Korea provocation of Dec 2010 [5]

- Queensland Australia 'super-floods' [8]

- erosion of moral values in school, court, financial, government and business - US and West [4]

- continuing pressure against Israel especially military provocation by H_zbollah and H_mas [1], [3]

- sophisticated W32.Stuxnet virus deployed to attack industrial control networks in Iran [7]

- threats and changes in totalitarian leadership in M.E. (Lebanon, Egypt and Jordon) Feb 2011 [1]

- calamity events in Australasia - WIND, FIRE, WATER and EARTH quake Feb 2011 [8]


More recent events (2012 onwards)

- 4 blood moons of 2014/2015 - signs to Israel

- 2 red-suns - signs to Other Nations

- G_za missile attack and ground invasion (Jun 2014)

- ISIS arising in northern Iraq and Syria (Jul 2014)

- plane downings (MH370 in Asia) and (MH17 in Ukraine)

- realignment of BRICS nations and changing role of Rusia

- EU financial and political re-alignment

- potential re-alignment of northern (Shi'ite) nations Iraq and Iran with and southern (Sunni) Egypt and Saudi




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