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Yeshua's Instructions

Yeshua's Instructions


Yeshua the Incarnate Word of God,

gave us the re-synthesized law

These are Instructions for life

written on hearts of flesh as was prophesied (JER xx).




Are you able to join with me and say let the God of Israel bless

His Chosen People and their dwelling place in His Land?


But Zion says, 'Adonai has abandoned me,

Adonai has forgotten me.'

"Can a woman forget her child at the breast

and not show pity on the child from her womb?


The story of the 69 weeks of Daniel and the place of Israel as the marker for End Times.



Key elements of the Israel story:

bulletIsrael is God's Chosen Nation
bulletIsrael is currently under a period of God's judgment,
bulletIsrael's restoration will mark 'the Beginning of the End'



Feasts of Israel


For many years the timing and significance of the main 7 feasts has been diffused and forgotten.

God gave this yearly and longer cycle as markers, and awareness of the significance provides a 'heavenly portal' which allow you to 'synch-in' with the timing and outworking of the Almighty One of Israel. These are the appointed times, as signs and marking seasons for days and years mentioned in GEN 1:14.


Overview of the Feasts

The Jewish Feasts are divided into 3 Key Feasts, with two special groupings around ‘spring’ (MAR/APR) and ‘autumn’ (SEP/OCT), (i.e. in the northern hemisphere – which is the location of Israel/Mediterranean).



Autumn Feasts


Feast of Trumpets - New Year (Rosh Hashanah)

Timing: 1st day of 7th Month (Tishri)

Example Dates: 10/Sep/2010






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